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Nov 5th - The Boutique Guitar Showcase Tour 2023

In the days long before anyone referred to handmade, custom guitars as “boutique,” the Stones played wildly ornate guitars made by Tony Zemaitis, Rick Neilsen proudly rocked early Hamer Standards, Doug Irwin crafted pieces of playable art for Jerry Garcia, and Eddie Van Halen inspired the entire ‘80s gunslinger class of player to pick up tailor-made shred weapons. Yes, the boutique guitar world has come a very long way, indeed, and it’s a space that’s richer with talent and variety today than ever before. We’re living through a boutique guitar renaissance, something guitar industry lifer and Boutique Guitar Showcase curator Jamie Gale believes in deeply. With the Boutique Guitar Showcase enTour events, Gale and the BGS celebrate the very best and brightest from every end of the boutique guitar spectrum internationally. 

Whether you’re chasing the cutting edge of innovation, interested in a guitar that will inspire you to play from a different place than anything else in your current arsenal, or you’re simply a connoisseur of the impossible artistry a creative luthier can apply to the medium of guitar, the Boutique Guitar Showcase has a unique instrument that will speak to you. Even for those that are simply curious about the possibilities that exist within guitar manufacturing outside of the tried-and-true classics, the instruments on tour with the Boutique Guitar Showcase in 2023 offer a look at the great beyond of guitars and basses.

From the science fiction aesthetic of Ulrich Teuffel’s guitars (which have been famously owned and enjoyed by icons like Kirk Hammett and Billy Gibbons), to the funky bass-hybrid guitars made by Bacci, to acoustic guitars that make use of alternative materials and are decorated with inlay work that belongs in a museum, the 2023 Boutique Guitar Showcase tour will bring an international collection of instruments to Walt Grace that are as varied and unexpected as the music one can make with a guitar – which is to say, infinitely.

The Boutique Guitar Showcase tour comes to Walt Grace Vintage on Sunday, November 5th. It’s a rare opportunity to see, experience, and purchase some of the highest quality, singularly innovative, or just plain unexpected guitars being made today. We hope to see you there!


November 02, 2023 — Walt Grace Vintage