Since our inception in 2015, we have been inundated by unsolicited suggestions as to what our “third offering” should be. Some of those suggestions ranged from good, to bad, to very bad. The third offering though has always been the obvious choice to us here–WATCHES (specifically vintage watches). However, there has always been one thing keeping us from diving headfirst into the vintage watch world, and that was expertise.  While we are all HUGE watch-heads, we just didn’t feel that our depth of watch knowledge was anywhere even close to the expertise we offer to the car and guitar buyer, and if we were going to put the Walt Grace moniker anywhere near a vintage watch offering, we were going to need to become (or in this case, partner with) REAL experts. Enter, Craft + Tailored.

 “At Craft + Tailored, we believe that vintage watches are vehicles of self-expression, they're vessels for remarkable histories, and they're tangible, functional emblems of some of mankind's greatest analog innovations. We're obsessed with the stories they can tell us and the analog experiences they offer in a digital world. That obsession has helped us to become one of the most respected vintage watch dealers in our sector, and in a way that we believe perfectly mirrors what our friends at Walt Grace Vintage bring to the table with their approach to cars and guitars. And just like the team at Walt Grace, we want to share our passion with you.”