Does one of the most iconic guitars in music history even need an introduction? Originally released in 1952 as a Gibson’s answer to Fender’s Telecaster—but with more of a Jazz focus than its SoCal competition. Though intended for suspended 4ths and dominant 7ths, because of its two blazing P-90s and a Gold finish, the Gibson Les Paul found itself synonymous with the new and emerging sounds of Rock and Roll.  

From garage sessions to sold-out arenas, the Les Paul has found its way into the hands of an innumerable amount of guitar players drawn to its timeless look, sound, and playing feel. This guitar is so ubiquitous, even non-musicians are familiar with its gorgeous curves and can even call it by name! From the simple-yet-powerful Les Paul Junior to the sleek, luxurious Les Paul Custom, the Les Paul has seen countless re-imaginings, but one thing has remained constant: unparalleled style, feel and bad-assness