At Walt Grace Vintage, our goal is to provide our customers with the ultimate experience. Not just in the products we sell and display, but in everything that we do. This, of course, extends to our guitar/amp setup and repair services as well. As musicians and perfectionists ourselves, we needed to be certain that we had just the right person heading our repair department—someone we not only trust to keep our inventory in tip-top shape, but even more importantly, someone who we would trust to deliver our customers the same unparalleled quality and experience as the rest of Walt Grace Vintage.

Enter,  Alex Jones.

A Miami native who began tinkering with guitars at a young age, Alex quickly became a highly skilled, meticulous, and detail oriented Luthier/tech who has developed an almost fanatical following of loyal customers—Customers who wouldn’t dream of taking their prized instruments anywhere but to Alex to have them “Jonesified”.

Jonesified loyalists include players and bands such as the Marley family, Juanes, Jennifer Lopez, The Wailers and Maná. We promise, once you bring your guitar or amp to Walt Grace Vintage for some love, you’ll be proudly waving the Jonesified flag too!