One year, two windows.

On June 3rd, 1953 the first generation of Chevrolet’s Corvette (C1) rolled off of the production line in Flint, Michigan. Soon after its release, the streamlined and shockingly simplistic silhouette adorned bedroom walls across the country and was deemed a near necessity by just about every sedan owning family—the weekend had just evolved.

Drive forward a decade—a few engine options and trim panels later and the C1 had run its course—time for the next iteration...

1963 would mark ten years of Chevrolet’s pioneering leap into the modern sports-car world and when designing the second generation of one of America’s most beloved cars, a few guidelines were to be followed (no pressure).

  1. Offer more power.
  2. Create a coupe variant.
  3. Pen a shape that would transcend both time and space.

Lead designer Larry Shinoda was inspired by a myriad of past prototypes—and marine animals. With the profile of the C2 shaped after a Mako Shark and a distinctive spine-like body contour on the car’s topside resembling that of a Stingray’s spine, it was only fitting that Chevrolet’s second go around the sun would be badged, “The Stingray”. Upon its release in 1963, the Corvette Stingray Coupe would feature a wide array of firsts (and some lasts)—i.e. Popup/hideaway headlights, independent rear suspension, an improved steering rack setup, and of course, the twin pane rear window—all groundbreaking alterations, but unfortunately (or fortunately) one would not last. The “Split Window” design would prove too difficult for some drivers to see out of the rear-view mirror and this styling cue was discontinued, lasting but only one year—and as “they” say about any poor-selling car, “it couldn’t be given away”.

Get back in the car and set your nav to present-day—the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette “Split Window” Coupe is one of the most collectible and sought after American cars of all time.

Photographed above, our Sebring Silver over Black leather example serves as evidence of the love and admiration had by anyone whose hearts were captured by this timeless piece of rolling art. Numbers matching down to the rear end, this early production C2 has gone only 82k original miles and is believed to be a special order car sporting a few rare factory options. The 4.56 gears on the fully synchronized 4-speed manual box and the 90 hp power increase to the naturally aspirated 327 cubic inches 5.4L V8, bringing the car from 250 hp to 340 hp, are indicators of an enthusiast spec’d Vette. Originally delivered in Indiana, this car just spent the past few years of its life in Delaware after being purchased in Louisiana from the nephew of the supposed original owner. Wearing an ‘80s lacquer repaint and its original interior, this well maintained and recently serviced Corvette is ready for many more years of rear visibility complaints.

PS. The transcendence of time and space? It was the astronaut's car of choice, but, that’s a whole other story.

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Vehicle Specifications

Make Chevrolet
Model Corvette Split Window Coupe
Year 1963
Vin Available Upon Request
Color Sebring Silver
Interior Black Leather
Odometer 82,258 miles
Engine 5.4L 8 Cylinder 
Transmission 4-speed Manual
Drive Train RWD

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