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Word From The Editor

Five fifty incredible years, five superb generations and so many advertisements. Discover the history of the Range Rover like you've never read it

Welcome to "A Life in Range Rover", the first book about the Range Rover through its advertisements.

Author's Word

For twenty years that I have been an automotive journalist, on all social networks, I have
always posted, who knows why, Range Rover ads. No, actually I know perfectly why and I'll tell you everything.

I like Range Rovers, I've had several and I still have an L322 and a Classic. They
 are among the few vehicles that I bought, "refly regretted to sold and so on". Redeemed, of course. I like the very quirky and British humor that remains to attached all advertising campaigns. Finally, it is so rare and so pleasant, as a consumer, that we turn to you as an intelligent person, able to appreciate to a message delivered on multiple levels of understanding This is unfortunately very uncommon on the part of automakers.

As often, this book is the realization of a desire: to make the book that I would have wanted to find in bookstores. There aren't many books on the Range Rover and those that exist are machines for recycling seen and reviewed press photos. That's why I try to find maximum of unpublished advertisements and, as much as possible.