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Enrique Napp

“I never correct what I draw by hand — the messy lines gradually morph and create a greater something,” says Enrique Napp, an illustrator, architect, designer, and editor, regarding his series of automobile and classic motorcycles. The organic illustrations are wholly seductive— not only for their elegance and irreverent lines, but also for the tales that lie behind them.

Since childhood, Napp has found himself entranced by automobiles, their aesthetic and design — spending class time doing nothing but sketching them. As an adult, he began collecting cars and trying them out professionally, becoming more and more known for his artworks as he attended national and international events. Napp and his work stem from a larger rhetoric that’s informed by the history of automobiles and motorcycles, full of milestones that shaped the cultural heritage of humanity, and generated as a genuine experience that is constantly shaping bonds and memories. “I draw cards, but behind each one lies a story… experiences, designers— artistry, refined styles, and tendencies that I have always enjoyed analyzing,” Napp shares.

In Argentina, his home country, he nurtured a career as an architect, where he developed high-profile magazines. Now, from Mantova, Italy - nothing less than from the crib of the one and only Tazio Nuvolari -  he lives in the "front seat" of the world of classic cars, using and representing them in their true essence.