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More than an illustrated book on a car: Portrait of a Ferrari legend from the 80s

The quality of some sports cars can be deduced from their famous owners. With the Ferrari 288 GTO there are even three Formula 1 drivers among them: Michele Alboreto, Keke Rosberg and Niki Lauda. Sheer coincidence? Unlikely.

In this fine box renowned photographers capture the classy design vocabulary of the 288 GTO and present some of the rare originals in a large-format illustrated book. The extra factbook with texts by brand expert Jürgen Lewandowski has all the well-known and lesser-known information on the rare Ferrari classic.

  • Premium-quality box with illustrated book and factbook – the ideal gift for car lovers and Ferrari fans
  • The full development history and all technical data of the Ferrari 288 GTO
  • Over 200 photos of the GTO: All designs, years and special models presented spectacularly
  • Expert texts by brand expert Jürgen Lewandowski, bilingual in German and English

The 288 GTO – Rare dreamcar and milestone of the Ferrari history

When in 1984 Ferrari presented the GTO, its racing look and forceful performance data attracted numerous customers. But just 272 of the Italian sports car were built within two years. The last one was handed over personally by Enzo Ferrari to Niki Lauda. In spite of all that the 288 GTO was never used as a racing car. Although its tubular steel frame, the longitudinally mounted twin turbo V8 and 400 PS made it competitive. Even today it achieves top prices at auctions.

Delve into a piece of automobile history and experience one of the rarest Ferrari models!