When Leo Fender & Co. released the first Stratocaster in 1954, their intentions were not to make a game-changing instrument; they had already done that with the Telecaster. As Fender puts it: "It’s not like Leo Fender was trying to be radical and revolutionary. A practical person, he just wanted to build a better guitar.” Yet, their Stratocaster - with its three pickups, contoured body shape, and never-before-seen tremolo bridge - proved to be just that: revolutionary. By 1957, Fender had perfected the Strat’s design, and it was only up from there. Rosewood fingerboards, custom colors, a 5-Way switch to access unheard-of tones—the Stratocaster has proven itself time and again to be a remarkable instrument that gives you unbridled creative freedom. You only need to pick one up and plug it in—it will take you places you (or, even Leo) never dreamed.