In 1946, an electronics technician named Leo Fender - interested in the design flaws of the instrument amplifiers of the day - opened the Fender Electric Instrument Company. Four years later, the first Broadcaster (later, the Telecaster) was released. The rest - well, we won’t say it. We’ll let Fender’s 74 (and counting) years of influence on guitar music speak for itself. The no-nonsense spank of the Telecaster; the scooped-mid sparkle of the Stratocaster; the surf-rock silhouette of the Jazzmaster—Fender’s electric guitars cover all the bases (and basses) of style and sound. So whether you’re playing straight-up rock and roll, or taking some far-out trips to the edges of what’s sonically possible, rest assured: there is a Fender electric that is ready to take you there.