What does it say that 60 years after its inception, a basic modern Telecaster resembles—for all intents and purposes —the ancestral models produced back in 1951? We believe it's a testament to the genius of Leo Fender & Co., and to the undeniable legacy of a revolutionary instrument—which, might we remind you, was introduced before Rock and Roll was even a thing! The Telecaster was Fender’s answer to the high-priced, stodgy guitar market that had made it difficult to pursue the instrument; by contrast, the Tele was a sturdy, affordable offering with a crazy twang and a simple-yet-effective electronics layout. Still aren’t convinced? Go ask Jimmy Page, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Pete Townshend and even John 5—the star-studded list goes on, and they’ll all tell you: the Telecaster is the Rock and Roll workhorse.